Monday, February 3, 2014

Mish Mash Challenge #27: Green, and YES, I am late AGAIN!

This was supposed to be a Wednesday post.  Yea.

This weeks' theme is:  Green.  Pretty simple, but I really do like the way this came out!  Except for my finger nails.  It is making me very unmotivated to polish.  I have had the worst luck with trying to keep everything nails, my hands, my skin, and me.  It is so freaking dry, cold, snowy.  Yes, I know it's winter, but we haven't had a winter like this in a very very long time.

Colors used:

So, looking at the bottle you can tell that the Revlon is OLD.  BUT, it still works like a charm.  I love this color - and the polish is a definite one-coater.  The Barielle could be a one-coater, but I don't like to do a thick first coat.  The second coat was more to even out the very few streaks I had from my application.  This went quick, and the finished manicure looks great!

I softened up the cut on my finger a little was pretty nasty in this close up. I don't like to edit anything in my photos, but this was bothering me a little bit too much.

Take a peek at everyone else involved in this challenge...

Til next week.


  1. Love both these colors, compliment each other so well. Love the design as well, simple yet gorgeous!

  2. Great mani and I love the look of that vintage Revlon. I hope the weather heats up for you soon!!

  3. I love this look and the shades of green you've used!

    Winter is so hard on hands/nails, I really struggle to keep mine from getting dry and cracking. I hope yours are ok ;)