Thursday, February 27, 2014

GOT Polish for 2/27/2014: Orange

It's Thursday again, time for the GOT Polish challenge.  It feels good to start getting back into some easy-going challenges, although fighting to get motivation sometimes is a little tough, since winter just does not want to leave the Chicago area.

This week is orange, and it's a tough one.  I don't have many orange polishes at all, and I have almost none that are over a year old.  So pickings for this week were very slim.  I'm toeing the line here with the color choice, but it's the only color I have that I was willing to wear out of the house right now.  It's a fiery a dark fire opal, or an orange-y tomato red.  And just FYI, my camera was NOT happy with this polish.  I did the best I could to get the color correct, so my skin tone may look a little weird.

Color Used:  Pure Ice Drive Me Crazy

The is a surprisingly fantastic orange jelly.  Who says you can't get a nice polish for $1.99?  I ended up doing 4 coats, only because I did 3 last night and thought I was done.  I went to workout and the free weights did a little damage.  I hadn't put a topcoat on this last night - it dries so juicy and squishy it didn't need it - but my photos have a topcoat on them, because I needed this 4th coat of color to dry fast.

I'm really enjoying this color...I feel bad for relegating it to the back of my drawer and being neglected.  It's a pretty bold color, but who cares?  I'm feeling sassy today.

Happy Thursday!

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