Saturday, October 10, 2015


Week 2 of the challenge, and it's a color prompt.  This challenge is a bit unique from other challenges I've done, and it's mostly why I chose to join.  It alternates week by week between nail art and color-specific manicures.  And to prevent a whole lot of the same manicures showing up on the color weeks, there are specific patterns we are assigned that we have to incorporate into the design.  This week, my pattern is waterfall.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Week #1

I've signed up for a new challenge!  Yay!  This is week one and the theme (as my post title shows) is hobbies.  I don't know why I struggled with this one...I think because I knew my stamper is, well, shit.  I have another one coming in the mail and **hope** it will be here soon.

There were so many I could have chosen, but ultimately decided puzzle books.  In colder weather - like we have suddenly gotten here in Chicago - I like to curl up and either read a book or do these.  Word puzzles and mazes in a book, with a good old No. 7 pencil.  Kinda old school, but when I was growing up these kinds of books were just EVERYWHERE.  Working on them makes me a little nostalgic.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

NOTD for 8/4/2015: Cupcake Polish

I've got another polish here from the gift I received from my friend Natalie (find her <<HERE>> on Instagram), and this one is definitely a change from my last NOTD!  It's Cupcake Polish Leaf Me Alone. 

It's pretty cloudy today, so the holo didn't really come out to play too much, but still.  Look at that color!  Gorgeous grassy green.

Monday, August 3, 2015

NOTD for 8/3/2015: KBShimmer

Hello again!  This is a NOTD, but it isn't today's unfortunately.  I've been a bit lazy - this year - with blogging, and I figured that since I just took this mani off, maybe I should get this post published.  Sigh...

I haven't really bought any crellies lately; my shimmer obsession has kicked into overdrive, and that is the target of my polish buying.  But I had this one on my wishlist, and my friend Natalie at Over the Top Coat (but you'll have better luck finding her on Instagram at @vashtiaa) sent me an AWESOME random gift package with a LOT of pretties in it, and this KBShimmer was in there.

I LOVE it!  It's a really good nude shade for my skin tone, and the glitter keeps it from giving me mannequin hands.  The Crows Toes I used for the accent was another of the gifts from Natalie, and it matched the glitter really, really well.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

NOTD for 7/12/2015: Pahlish. And please don't hate me...

Yes, I am still alive.  Over 7 months since my last blog post.  Yikes!!  I realized I have too many pretties and not enough people to share them with, so I'm going to try this blogging thing again.  But it will be shorty posts.  I promise.

So here's my NOTD for today.  It isn't exactly what I was shooting for; I wanted some clean lines using striping tape, but the humidity here all summer has been so high.  It feels like it's raining every day, and my nails just wouldn't dry.  So I improvised a bit with an almost steady hand and a dotting tool.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

NOTD for 11/30/2014: Alchemy Lacquers Allspice

Sunshine has been so scarce here lately, so I had to rush to try to get photos when the sun finally decided to peek through the clouds today.  This beauty is Alchemy Lacquers Allspice.  Oh. My. Gosh!!  I just got this in the mail on Friday, and I just had to put it on.  We've already had snow here three times, and I'm fighting against winter tooth and nail.  For me, this is a perfect fall polish.
Two coats with topcoat

Sunday, November 9, 2014

AIS - Adventures in Stamping November 2nd Challenge

NOVEMBER 9, 2014

Another stamping challenge from the AIS group.  I have a Cheeky plate I've been wanting to play with, and this week was perfect!  I took some liberty with the colors underneath the animal print because I've been wanting to use the collection, but who needs realistic?