Saturday, February 8, 2014

GOT Polish for 2/6/2014 - Green!

It's another GOT Polish challenge, and I've got a couple of beauties this week.  Just doing a quick browsing on the internet, reviews for both of these popped up in 2009-2010.  I had done a trellis type of design over my ring finger, but I just couldn't cover up this beautiful green holo...

Colors used:
I took this photo with a flash for 2 reasons:  1) it was snowing - AGAIN! - today, and there just wasn't enough light to get a good photo, and 2) I wanted to show the holo in this Nubar polish.  It is such a gorgeous green!


I really thought that these two colors were going to be closer than they turned out to be, based on the bottles.  The glitter (Meadow) took 3 coats to completely cover to my satisfaction, so I'm not looking forward to taking that off.  The holo was 2 coats.  I don't have a lot of Nubar polishes, but the ones I have really impress me.  I had completely forgotten that this green is a grateful for this challenge for me to be able to pull this beauty back out!

That's it from me for this challenge!  Until next week - a holiday inspiration.

See ya!

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