Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spotlight Saturday for 2/22/2014: Shimmer Jasmine

Polish won in a giveaway.

It's Saturday!!

For today, and in the upcoming days, I will have some Shimmer polishes to show you.  During the first tsunami of the Share The Love movement, I somehow won some polish.  I think it was a random draw of names from all the new likes on the page...but regardless of how it happened, I am completely THRILLED that it did!  I had to wait to wear this, only because my fingers have been so brutalized by the winter this year, they haven't really been presentable.  They still aren't great, but they are better than they have been in weeks, so I think I may be back to blogging a little more regularly.  For today, I picked Jasmine - an aqua, green and gold glitter.  So pretty, and worked really well with the green I wore and posted yesterday.

Color used is Shimmer Jasmine, over L'Oreal Mint Glacee.  As soon as I picked this up, it reminded me of water.  And water made me think of seaweed.  I'm not feeling completely creative lately (damn winter!), but I decided to try a little free form that mimicked the movement of seaweed moving in the currents.  I was hoping it might look kind of cool.  I like how it turned out, if I do say so myself.

A good amount of glitter comes out on the brush, but not so much that will cover your base color. What I have on is 2 coats.  Although the nail may look pretty covered, I can still see the mint peeking through.  I'm betting that a third good coat would make this opaque on it's own.

This combo definitely moved me out of my funk today, and makes me want to start planning a vacation.  This is such a pretty color combination - I'm loving it today.  Enough to keep it on for a couple of days.  Trust me, lately that is a big deal!

Not sure what happened here, but the
color isn't completely color accurate.
First two photos are better.

Hope you like this glitter as much as I do.  I'm definitely going to be taking a closer look at Shimmer polishes!

Thanks for stopping by!

Polish won in a giveaway.

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