Saturday, September 21, 2013

*My FIRST* Spotlight Saturday for 9/21/2013

I'm doing something new.  I posted on Facebook that I came up with a plan, and this is part of it.  I have a...few (**clears throat**)...polishes that I have not worn yet, and they are sitting neglected and shuttered in a drawer right now.  It is not a very nice way to treat these pretties, so I decided that on Saturday, I am going to pull out some of them, and show them off.  My version of a personal "untrieds"  challenge.  Only glitters will be showcased here (along with an appropriate undie, of course).

**Just a disclaimer - if someone else out there is doing a 'Spotlight Saturday' (which with the number of blogs out there, the chances are good) I am in no way claiming the uniqueness of the idea.  I'm sure they will be different to not cause any issues.**

So for my very FIRST Spotlight Saturday, I give you (drumroll.....):

Colors used:


Is it just me?  Every time I see the name of that glitter, I don't think of yarn or sweaters.  The Led Zeppelin song runs through my head.  Yes, I know they are completely different, but it still happens.  Anyway...sadly, I do not see this polish any longer in their store, which you can find <<here>>.  There are a lot of polishes there though, and prices I believe are $8 for full size, and $4 for mini bottles.  (There is also an etsy store <<here>>, but it says only the newest collections will be there.  And FYI - the split was done pretty recently).


I really like the combination of that blue-leaning pink glitter and iridescent squares in that turquoise jelly.  I don't think it is nearly opaque enough to build up on its own, but I haven't tried it.  I generally don't like to wear more than 3 coats of polish.  With the base and top coats, that's a lot on the nail.  This is one coat of Gumdrop, with two coats (and some needed dabbing and placement) of Cashmere, plus topcoat.

I wasn't able to do any cleanup on this manicure.  My cleanup brush that I have been using was in bad shape and went in the garbage...I HAD a backup, which now is suddenly gone.  I have cats in the house, and long cylindrical things that roll and have soft things on the end are like a magnet to them.  I still haven't found it yet, so until I can get out for some replacements (that will now have to be hidden), I have to be really good at polishing.  I think I did good on this, if I do say so myself.

See you on Tuesday with Gini @ SassyPaints2012.

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