Thursday, September 19, 2013

An interruption to regularly scheduled programming....

Hi all.  Taking a mini break here, but I'll be back in a few days. 

Having some kitty health issues again, but hopefully they won't be nearly as bad as the last time.  She went to the vet last week, because she was walking funny.  She's showing initial signs of neuropathy, which is most likely caused from elevated blood sugar levels (but there is a pretty good percentage that it will go away once blood sugar stabilized again - **crossing my fingers**). 

After speaking with a vet tonight at the animal hospital, her sickness could just be complications from increasing her insulin dosage recently.  Have to go to my vet in the morning to possibly get some more anti-diarrhea & anti-nausea medication, and also have them do a full spectrum urine analysis to check for infections.  She's not eating - well, she TRIED to eat, but threw it all back up about 3 hours later - and is now not eating again.  Only been 1 day of that, so hopefully anti-nausea will fix that right up.  Her vitals look OK, but slightly elevated white blood cell count is a little concerning. 

Too much information for you?  Yea, sorry about that, but this kitty is just too wrapped up in my life that I'm not ready to let her go she is again, looking MUCH perkier than she did last time she was in this hospital.  Three hours later, and she could not wait to get out of that carrier.  I kept seeing her paws come out of the bars on the front gate, trying to get my attention.

See you soon!


  1. Awww I hope your kitty feels better soon! I have 2 cats myself and they are like family members to me.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your baby...I've had to go through issues like this, and they're not fun. I hope she makes a full recovery soon.