Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge #8: Cold

Better late than never, I guess!  Whew, this post should have been up last week...oh well.  Today's post of the Mish Mash challenge is Cold.  I live near Chicago so cold is not a difficult concept for me, but when I think of cold, my mind goes to Russia - Siberia, to be exact.  I'll show you my inspiration after the jump.

Here it is:  Northern Lake Baikal, Russia.  I have this photo on my laptop - usually in the summer - and I think it is just beautiful.  I would love to see this in person, but you know, it will be COLD there.  Not so sure I'm up for that.  It is definitely on my bucket list though. 

Northern Lake Baikal - from
Colors used:
So, the bubbles that you see in the turquoise polish are little strays from the texture that I had to cover over again with the turquoise.  Although they are barely visible to me on my fingers, they are HUGE in the photos.  I knew there was no way that I could get close to accurate from the photo on this manicure, so I am OK with the results.  I think I really like the striking difference between the white texture and the turquoise polish.

*without flash*

*with flash*
That's it for me for this week...now I have to get the next one ready!  Sheesh!  But I have an idea of what I want to do...I hope it looks as good on my fingers as it does in my head.  See you tomorrow!