Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge #7: Least Expensive Polishes

Hi all!  Another Mish Mash, and this week it's our least expensive polishes.  This is going to be quick - I pinched my sciatic nerve, and if you've done that, nuff said.  If you haven't, it can range from dull to excruciating pain, to no pain at all.  Clean up job isn't the greatest, and neither are my lines, but I feel better with something on my fingers right now.  Small victories...

These particular polishes were on clearance at Ulta for $0.99 each about 3 months ago, and with my birthday coupon they sent me for $10.00 off any purchase, they ended up being free.  Can't get less expensive than that!!

Colors used:
Essence - Iced Strawberry Cream (pale pink w/silver shimmer)
Essence - Grey-t To Be Here (grey w/pink & orange shimmer)
Essence - Oh My Glitter! (purple w/fuchsia & blurple shimmer)
Essence - Chic Reloaded (black w/green & red-purple duochrome effect)

I couldn't sit very long to do this, so I did something simple.  I kind of like it, but next time I will use striping tape - this was free handed.  The polish on these are a little on the thicker side, and with the paddle brush style, it was a little difficult to do straight lines.  It didn't come out awful and it went quick, and that was my concern.

That's it for me...check out the other ladies' fabulous submissions for this week!



  1. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon...I know that sciatic nerve can be a..well..a not-nice word lol This is a fun skittle, Liz! Love those Essence polishes!

  2. Just gorgeous, I love the colour combo!
    I hope you feel better soon xx

  3. First and foremost: I hope you'll feel better soon! Hugs!
    Second, your mani is beautiful, and yup, no polish can be cheaper than free except when you get paid to own it... which is never. Specially love the purple, it's gorgeous!

  4. I think your mani looks incredible!! And I hope you feel better really soon, you have my full sympathy. I've had issues with that nerve and joint. You take it easy and get better!!! Hugs!!!

  5. The least expensive polishes ever!!! :)
    My favourite one is Oh My Glitter!, but Grey-t To Be Here has a very interesting shimmer too!

  6. The polish bottles look so cute, lol and i love your ring finger design :)

  7. I hope you feel better by now Liz! I've never had those problems but my bf fought with sciatic nerve for longer than a year and it was a true nightmare.
    Now about the mani, I wonder why I haven't grabbed the grey Essence yet, I love that pink shimmer!

  8. Such pretty colors and they all work so well together! Gorgeous nails!! And I hope you feel better soon lady!!

  9. Hope you are feeling better! I have got to get to an Ulta and try some essence polishes, they are so pretty! I think you did a great job on your mani!

  10. Lovely colors. Feel better soon .. xx

  11. Ooo, love this combo! The ring finger reminds me of the look of a tri-thermal polish!