Saturday, September 7, 2013

My first review! - Part 2, Orly Secret Society collection

Yes, you read the title correctly - this is Part 2 of a review post.  And again, these products were purchased by me, so nothing to disclose. 

Here is the complete Secret Society collection:

Picture from
If you want to see the first half of this review, you can find it <<here>>.

Lavish Bash
A glittery gold and holographic polish.  There are holographic glitters that are micro dot (maybe hex?) and the tiniest bar glitters I have ever seen.  I was planning on using this as a topper, but after looking at the bottle, I had to see it by itself.   This is 4 coats, and it dried surprisingly smooth for a glitter - most likely because they are so small.  Top coat was only needed to give it some more shine.

Voyeuristic Adventure
This is an odd one...I want to call it gold, but it really isn't.  It is maybe taupe? that is some pink coming out of it.  Oh, and it's metallic.  I wasn't expecting that.  This is the one I wanted the most from the color swatches I had seen, but I'm a little disappointed.  Photo is 3 undies on this and brush strokes are evident...

Picture from Life's Little Yummies

This is the only one taken with "flash".

Masked Ceremony
The last one of the collection...this is a black that has so much silver in it, it comes across as a dark gunmetal.  The best part?  It has small silver square glitter, and a vibrant, vivid, red-purple glitter that looks like micro squares.  I wish the purple glitter showed up a little more - the black overpowers it, and you have to look a little hard to see it.   You do get little flashes of purple in the sun & bright light, but in normal light conditions, they get a little lost.  This is 3 coats.

This was taken with "flash"

I have been really impressed with the collections Orly has been putting out, and I have found myself buying the complete collections each time.  They provide a lot of variety in just six bottles...not something you see in some collections that are twice the size from other companies.

I hope this kind of helps anyone who reads these reviews to decide which ones to get from this collection.  The formula was good on all 6 of these, but in my limited exposure, I have never had a problem with Orly.  And for a favorite?  I can't give you one.  I could probably have done without the metallic - it's not that I don't like them, I just prefer them in more vivid colors than this. 

And my final verdict on reviews?  Yea, you more serious bloggers can keep doing them, and I will keep reading them.  I like to do a manicure and wear it a couple of days.  This?  It is WAYYYYYY too time consuming for my liking.  Swatching, cleaning, photographing, picking a few photos out of 100's, then watermarking, writing...I'm tired just thinking about doing that consistently!  Makes me want to smack people upside the head when they make snarky comments, but you know people who have never done it seem to know how to do it best...but that is a whole other discussion.

Now, back to my challenge and NOTD posts!


  1. LOL!! THANK YOU LIZ!!!! Thank you for doing this review, even if it's a one and only!

    Looks like I'm going to have to get the collection! I'm with you on light metallic, but since they sell all 6 cheaper than I can get the 5, I'll get them all :)

    LOVE YA!!!

  2. ROFL! Love your commentary at the end! The end result of a great collection review looks so effortless, but it really isn't. I agree with everything you said about how hard they are--I'd also add the pressure of wanting to represent the polish well, too. Thanks for taking the time to do this collection for us. :)