Tuesday, July 16, 2013

T.I.O.T. (Try It On Tuesday) - 7/16/2013

Hey everyone -

Not like I'm not crushed for time already, so hey, let's get in on another challenge!!  OK, so I don't think I can really call this a "challenge"...it's more of a "motivation".

Gini @ SassyPaints is hosting her "Try It On Tuesday", and has it open to anyone who wants in.  The details for this are **here**.  Basically, it is a way to get through your untried polishes.  No themes, no color schemes..no rules, EXCEPT it has to be an untried.  Simple, yes?   I don't even KNOW how many untrieds I have in my stash, so this is perfect for me to get through them.   How am I doing it?  Close my eyes, reach and wear.

Monday, July 8, 2013

T.N.C.C. - Flowers #2

I amazingly enough have my second manicure for The Nail Challenge Collaborative July challenge.  I definitely like this flower manicure better than last weeks, if only because it is supposed to be sloppy and cartoon-y.  I had a lot of fun with this one, especially since I chose to do it with neons.

My News Feed on Facebook popped up with the latest tutorial from cutepolish, and this technique was it.  If you want to see her video, it is called Floral Doodle Nails, and I love it.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

TNCC - Flowers #1

Hello everyone!  I have realized how much I enjoy participating in challenges, so I have started to pick up and participate in another one.  This one is a "challenge" for me, in more ways than one!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Kimber's Amazing Challenge Ladies are gearing up for a new challenge, now that the ABC Challenge has come to a close.   We get a few weeks off before we undertake the MISH MASH Challenge, which really is a very random bunch of ideas.  Looks like it will be a lot of fun, and a couple will definitely be challenging, that's for sure!

Look under my "Join the Mish Mash Challenge" tab to get all the info.

Hope to see some new faces - maybe I should say new fingers - this time around!


ABC Challenge - "Z" is for Zombie Apocalypse

I'm playing catch up because my OCD will NOT allow me to skip 3 weeks.  It just won't...I've tried to ignore it, but it's like that one grain of sand in your shoe that feels like a boulder.  You know what I mean...

ABC Challenge - "Y" is for Ya Freak!

Last catch-up post!  Yay!!  So relieved.

Last couple posts detailed state of my hands....yadda yadda.  Long story short - they are in bad shape.  You will see cuticle oil in the photos.  Bad, bad blogger, I know. 

ABC Challenge - "X" is for...well, X

Still catching up...I'm a blogging maniac today!  I will be caught up before I go to bed tonight if it kills me!

ABC Challenge - "W" is for Watch it Shine

Long time everyone, but I am back to being able to post regularly!  The hell that was session B of the Spring semester at school is over, and taking 12 hours along with working full time was not a smart decision.  It was a necessary one, but definitely not smart.  I've got a week off before it starts up all over again, but I won't be working full time any longer, so I can breathe....aaaahhhhhhhh.