Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spotlight Saturday 1/25/14: Sally Hansen Big Money

Spotlight Saturday!!

I'm almost caught up - yay!  This is a little different than my usual Saturday glitter polish post.  I usually pick a glitter that needs to have undies with less than 3 coats, but this one today?  Full coverage at 1 coat.  I was surprised and a little shocked.  It was like a deer in headlights...once I did one nail, I wasn't sure what to do.  I wasn't prepared for that, and it was kind of funny that I just froze. So I decided on a small heart on a couple of nails...whew, crisis averted. If only all my problems were this easy to fix!

Front & Center Friday for 1/24/14: Orly You're Blushing

Front and Center Friday...Sunday edition.

I am hesitant to make any blog posts, because my poor hands have been so beaten up these last 3 weeks, they look awful to me.  Today is no different...they are so windburned they hurt.  Shoveling...I hate shoveling.  Especially on a really windy day.  My gloves are pretty good, but my fingers still froze.  Gotta love Chicago!

Only a couple photos and a quick blog post for this.  I wanted a nice neutral palate cleansing kind of color this week for some reason; maybe because of all the natural collections that are coming out for spring.  This isn't a recent one (I think 2012 collection), but you'd think I'd picked it up today.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

GOT Polish for 1/23/2014, 100th POST!!

I'm squeezing in some easy challenge posts in the middle of my goals to 1) do some home improvement chores and 2) try to stay warm.  This is my first contribution to the GOT Polish challenge.

Oh, and this is my 100th Post!...I feel the clouds parting and the angels singing.  There is a giveaway in the works, but it will not be the usual.  I'm sure you will either like it, or hate it.  But, more on that later when I have it more firmed up!

GOT stands for Golden Oldies Thursdays, as you can see in the graphic.  Basically, you pull out your 1+ year old polishes, and shine a little spotlight on them for a moment.  For the ones I chose this week - well, at least one of them - you'll need a search light.  I contacted Maybelline, and one of these has been discontinued since before the turn of the most recent century.  I'm pretty sure the second is also discontinued, but their website is being a little bit testy...


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Another break (((sigh)))....

Hi everyone.  So, I just finally got my head out of my ass.  Things were looking up, and I was getting on a schedule that was working out pretty well.  Until today.

The Bob Villa who owned my townhouse before me thought he could put in a shower.  It was in a 3rd bathroom on the 1st level of my house.  It's a level I really only used for storage - the furnace, hot water heater, washer/dryer, etc. are all there.  I honestly have not looked in that bathroom for at least a year - my bad.

Up on the 3rd floor, I was getting ready to leave for school - my first night of class.  I walked in the bathroom, and heard a really faint noise, but it was strange.  I couldn't quite place where it was coming from.  I went down to the 2nd floor, and it was a little easier to hear, but I still had no freaking clue what it was.  I got down to the first floor, and there it new indoor pool.

The pipes that the previous owner tapped into the main line failed in multiple places and I had a geyser going on.  I couldn't get the main water shutoff to close, and the water company couldn't guarantee when they could get a man out to shut the water off from outside my home.  And someone has to come out - there is no way to shut if off as the homeowner.  I checked.  Fighting with the main shutoff, I finally got it to close after ripping up my hands pretty good.

So what does all this mean?  It means my blog is going to be neglected for a while.  Hopefully, not more than a couple of weeks, but, there it is.

I'm going to need a roll off container for all the damaged wallboard, flooring, boxes...this is just making me sad.  But, if I'm going to get a roll off, I am going to fill that fucker to the top and take this opportunity to get rid of everything in my house that needs to be replaced or is damaged.  It will probably take me a good week to get it done, but if I'm paying $350 for it, I am going to get every single dollars' worth.  Spring cleaning isn't ideal in January, but it's gonna have to happen.

Thanks for letting me vent this out - I am beyond angry, but I think good will ultimately come of it.  And I'm not being a smart ass either...shocking, I know.  I really do think that.
Bye for now everyone.  I hope life treats you all well!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spotlight Saturday 1/04/14: China Glaze Whirled Away

Morning everyone!  I'm caught up now, thankfully!  This is going to be a very quick post, because I have to get my house ready for the deep freeze that will be the next 72 hours of my life, and start prepping for school starting again Monday.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

*NEW* Front & Center Friday 1/03/14: Spoiled I'm So Jaded

My new weekly post that's taking the place of the now retired "Try It On Tuesday".  Front & Center is a way for me to show and wear my untried non-glitter polishes - I'm going to need to keep a post like this, because I have a LOT of them.  Why on Friday?  Because my Saturday post is for untried glitter polishes, and I always use a base color underneath.  I get to knock out 2 birds this way, and I get to wear the base polish for a day by itself. 

So, this week, I am 1 day off.  Big, HUGE, computer problems.  A virus corrupted the software for my internet access, so I had to get out to someplace with WiFi to get the driver re-installed.  I've relapsed in my sickness, so I had to haul my butt out to shovel before I could go anywhere.  Hell will indeed be freezing over between Sunday night and Thursday morning in the Chicago area, so had to get this done today.  I think it's going to knock back my recovery time.  So much information I'm sure you didn't want to know.  Anyway...

My first "Front & Center" polish:

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mish Mash Challenge #23: Favorite Color

Mish Mash Challenge Day on the first day of the year.  HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!  I've got a couple of things I am going to focus on for my blog, and one of them is to try to do a little bit of nail art.  Don't expect flawless water marbles on my first day, but little touches of something extra to start out with is probably a smart way to start.

So this week's challenge is Favorite Color.  Mine is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue.  LOVE this color still!  But I went to look for the bottle, and I'll be damned if I know where the heck I put it.  I'm betting that I left it out, and my cats found it.  It's probably under some piece of furniture somewhere... I had to go with the next best thing this week, and it's a color that's similar, but not really close.