Sunday, July 27, 2014

Polish Addict toppers and final GIVEAWAY!! reminder

Whew!  The last post!  Seriously, how do you ladies who review do this?

So here it is, the last post for the prize package I contributed to the giveaway at Over The Top Coat.  Head over and enter - you've only got a couple more days before it's all over!!

I decided to do these last two polishes in one post, since it would be easier and we are so close to the giveaway being over.  So read on for Polish Addict Holo Top Coat and Polish Addict 80's Baby.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Polish Addict Neon Moon and GIVEAWAY!! reminder

Here it is folks - the last of the colors in the prize pack I contributed to the giveaway going on at Over The Top Coat.  Giveaway ends on July 29th, so you still have a bit of time to enter.  Hurry over and get in on the fun!

I have a sneaking suspicion that this one may be the favorite color of the ones I've shown.  It is a deep blue jelly, with a generous amount of micro glitter that flashes oh so brightly when this baby is top coated...I give you Polish Addict Neon Moon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Polish Addict Bikini Bottom and GIVEAWAY!! reminder

I've got another polish for you today...Polish Addict Bikini Bottom.  I love the name of  this one!  This is part of the prize pack I donated in the big giveaway that Natalie has got going on at Over The Top Coat.   There's still plenty of time, so head on over and enter!!

Sunshine was abundant today in Chicago, and what better than to wear a nice bright yellow?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Polish Addict Sea Witch and GIVEAWAY!! reminder

I'm back again, and this time with polish #4.  Over The Top Coat is having a giveaway that I'm participating in, which is why I'm showing these polishes on my blog.  I almost wish that I could enter...there are some nice prizes to be had!

Today's polish is Polish Addict Sea Witch, from the summer NEON collection.  A red-leaning purple jelly, with some sparkly glitter.  Very pretty!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Polish Addict Caution and GIVEAWAY!! reminder

Time for another polish in the prize I contributed to the giveaway going on at Over The Top Coat.  If you haven't entered yet, go!  Hurry up!  There are a lot of prizes up for grabs.

Polish #3 of the group is probably my FAVORITE!  I wanted to show this one last, but I've been wearing it the past couple of days and figured I may as well post some photos.  This is Polish Addict Caution, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Polish Addict Barbie Code and GIVEAWAY!! reminder

Hi all!  I'm back with another polish that is part of my prize package in the awesome giveaway going on at Over The Top Coat.  Go check it out and enter, and while you're there be sure to wish her happy Birthday and blogiversary too!

Polish #2 of the 8 in my prize pack is Polish Addict Barbie Code. Hot Pink. Neon. Glitter.  Yep, I'm loving this one, so let's take a peek...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Polish Addict Lime Light and GIVEAWAY!! info

Hello all!  So the toes are dipping back in to the pool, so to speak, but it is only going to be the kiddie pool for a while.  I didn't forget the time that goes into blogging on a regular basis, and that kind of time?  I ain't got.  So posting won't be regular like clockwork, but I'm not planning on disappearing for a couple months again either.

A fellow blogger and friend, Natalie from Over the Top Coat, is having her 2 year Birthdanniversary on her blog (blogiversary and birthday combo), and I decided to contribute this year.  It gives you guys a chance to win a great prize (yes, I am biased), and me a chance to get back into the swing of blogging again.  It just went live today, so you've got plenty of time to get in on it!  It runs from today, July 14 to July 29.  To enter and see the details, just head on over <<here>>.

Lots of pics, so let's get to it!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Back to blogging!

I hear a lot of crickets chirping out there...hello?  <<hello.>>  <<<<hello!>>>>

Work is DONE!  I'm taking the rest of the year off to put in the final kick to finish and get my degree in December.  It was a mistake to go back to work; well, at least for as long as I ended up staying.  All the reasons why I left in the first place kind of came roaring back to me, and I realized that the job and career that I once had is really - no doubt about it! - over. 

It's been a long time, and I am dumping a whole buttload of knowledge from that life.  I'm sad, scared, nervous, worried, motivated, excited, and so many more emotions right now...really none of which I'm concerned about.  The one emotion I'm working for - and it's been more than a little elusive - is confident.  But the classes I've got lined up for this final sprint should bring that one out of hiding.

Anyway...I will be dipping my toes back into blogging, starting tomorrow.  I've decided to be a part of a giveaway a buddy is having, and it is going live tomorrow.  So, I'll be announcing it here on my blog, and will be putting up some posts showing the polishes that will be my part of the prize goodies.  And don't worry - I am NOT using the polishes I am giving away for my swatching.  I already had them in my stash.  I liked them so much, I decided that they would be a great prize for the giveaway.

So...same time tomorrow?  See you then!!