Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spotlight Saturday for 10/5/2013 (posted on Sunday, again!)

Spotlight Saturday, the Sunday edition.  I'm having trouble with blogger on my web I had to cave and install Google Chrome.  Now it works like a charm...go figure.  I HATE Chrome, but since I only plan on using it for blogging, I guess it has it's purpose.  But enough bitching about my connectivity issues...on to the polish.

This week I wanted to break out my Fuzzy Coats.  I haven't worn them yet, and this one was a...chore...trying to find.  It was always sold out when I was looking for it.  I finally snagged it a couple of months ago, and it sat in a drawer. I can say that of a lot of my polishes - too many, which is why this whole Saturday thing started.

These are the colors used:

I like how the peach, blue and yellow bar glitters just pop against that dark grape purple background.  I'm glad I finally found this polish.  Next time, I think I'll try it against a nice taupe or beige neutral.

And, just to spite me today, my Maize snagged my bottle of polish when I put it down to photograph the other color in my hand.  She snapped at me when I tried to grab it.  It's payback, because today is glucose curve day, which means every 2 hours I have to draw a blood sample from her.  She's not happy with me...AT ALL.
I think this is her "Just Try It Bitch!" face.
I've seen it a lot today.
So, now I need to get serious with my Mish Mash Challenge from LAST week - yes, I am a bad blogger and falling behind.  I've been trying to be good, but everything I put on my fingers, I hated.  I think I got this though, so expect to see a bunch of posts from me this week:  2 Mish Mash posts, Try it on Tuesday, probably a NOTD somewhere in here, and my new weekly (or semi-weekly, maybe???) Chicago Blackhawks and Bears mani's.  Maybe Team Spirit Thursdays?  Hmmm, maybe NOT.

See ya soon!

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