Monday, August 19, 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge: August #1

AUGUST 2013 colors:  Red, Yellow, and Green.  Oy!

Crumpet's Nail Tarts has a challenge every month, called the Tri-Polish Challenge.  What is it, you ask?  Well, it's 4 manis guessed it, three different color polishes.  The colors are given for each month, and you have to use the same 3 for all 4 manicures.  Simple, right? 

Well...the colors for August are:  Red, Yellow, and Green.  Can I just say O.M.G.  The only thing that popped into my head once I read those colors is a stoplight.  Can't get that image out.  So to say this is a challenge is an understatement.  I like yellow, but not on me.  And green and red?  Screams Christmas, at least to me.  Add in yellow?  There's the stoplight again.  So...yea.  I'm working on it.

These are the colors I chose for the month.  I wanted the yellow and green to be kind of muted and pale.  Since I haven't found anything remotely close to a muted-pale red, that was my bold color. 

Colors used for the whole August challenge:
Love and Beauty (by Forever21) - Glittering Sea Green
Sinful Colors - Unicorn
Flower - NP14 Budding Romance

I decided to do some stamping.  I used Cheeky Jumbo Plate #9 "WILD AT HEART".

I put down a base coat of Unicorn - which took 3 coats - and then spot sponged some green over it.  It was subtle, so the photos don't really pick up the variations.  I then stamped the red in the design above.  I have to say, it grew on me a little bit, but still not happy with the yellow with my skin tone.


So, one down, three to go...I need to get the creative juices flowing on this one!  Take a look at everyone else's contributions for this first round of the Tri-Polish Challenge!

See ya!

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