Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another kitty update

It's been a while since I've posted something about my kitty - Maize - and since I'm still up, I thought I would put up a little note.

It's been almost 2 1/2 months since I brought her home from the animal hospital, and during that time it has been hit or miss.  I think we finally found an insulin dosage that is working for her.  She is back to playing, she looks bright-eyed, and she wakes me up every morning (like she used to) so she could either lay down on my pillow, or crawl under the covers.  These habits used to be a real pain in the ass, but I now I just smile.  Perspective I guess. 

I have one more glucose curve to do for her to make sure that what I am seeing is really the positive results that I want to see, and then we are good for a while.  There is still a very real possibility that her pancreas is still mending, and her natural ability to produce insulin may kick back in, but for now I think I have her managed.

Nite all!


  1. Yep, it's possible the pancreas will back into gear, when the blood sugar is stabilized, but not promises.

    What type of insulin, and how much is the kitty using, and how often are you administering injections?

    Hugs to your precious meow, from me and my three kittays!!!! :)

  2. This is the 3rd - and hopefully final - version of insulin. I can't remember the name of the first insulin she was on, but is was a porcine insulin, like the second she was on - that was Vetsulin. For the first 3 days she was in the animal hospital, they had her on a constant drip and switched her over to a recombinant human insulin - Lantus (Glargine).

    When I brought her home, I started her at 1 unit, every 12 hours. It wasn't controlling her insulin nearly as well as needed, but vet was reluctant to increase to 2 units quickly. Over about a 5 week period, I increased by roughly 1/4 to 1/3 unit every 10 days. I say roughly, because I already have 3 boxes of syringes, and was getting tired of constantly buying.

    I did some comparisons between the three syringes with water to see how they stacked up to each other with dosage, and I was able to use one of the ones I already had to accommodate the small dosage increases. We are just under 2 units right now. It's been about two weeks since she has been that high, so next weekend I will be able to do another 12-hour curve to see where she is at. I feel pretty comfortable with this level right now, but I still have to watch her pretty well.

    Thank you for asking Lisa.

  3. How r u testing her blood glucose liz?

    1. A feline/canine glucose monitor that I had to buy. AlphaTrak from Abbott. A tiny prick to her ear with nothing more than a pinhead drop of blood and I can get a reading.