Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge #3: Metallic & Giveaway Winner Info!

So, do I do my challenge manicure first, or do I do giveaway info?  Hmmm,  I think I will do the manicure first.  This week is Metallic, and I have some Kleankolor metallic polishes that are just perfect.  They really do need to do a collaboration with a company that sells gas masks, cause these are just freakin' awful smelling!! 

I got a little delayed in getting this manicure done because my cat, who has been sick for some time, is tearing through the house in hyperactive mode.  All she wants to do is play, and she hasn't been like this for a few months.  I finally finished, but cleaning up from the technique I used is really drying out my fingers, so I gotta take a break.  If you see some tinges of color or sparkle on my cuticles, just disregard it.

I decided to do a stained glass kind of look this week, I like the way the color looks, but I made a bad choice of stamping design.  Oh well, in my head it looked FANTASTIC!  I'd show you if I could, but it probably isn't a place you'd want to visit...

For the colors, I used a version of the Saran Wrap technique.  You plop polish randomly on your finger, lay the Saran Wrap on top of that, and just kind of smoosh the polish all around on your fingernail.  You will get a different look on every finger - which is why I like this method so much.  Here's a couple before photos:

Then, just some plain black polish and a full-cover nail stamp - the one I used was Red Angel
RA-108 (the circled design).   Like I said, not the best choice. I think I need to pick one next time with some more black areas, and a more abstract design.

Colors Used:
Kleankolor - Metallics:  Yellow, Orange, Fuchsia, White, Aqua
Wet n Wild - Black Crème (for stamping)

*********GIVEAWAY WINNER...wait, make that WINNERS*********

So, Monday morning I did a count, and 7 people had posted that they wanted to be included in the giveaway.  I had originally wanted to be able to send everyone who posted a set, but the more people that entered, the further that was getting out of my reach.  So, I got up, went to workout, did some shopping, and for some reason I went to the store where I had originally purchased this set.  And they had re-priced the mini sets, and I couldn't pass them up.   So...here is the secret I eluded to on Facebook Monday afternoon:

EVERYONE who entered will be getting the 4-pack of glitters.

Amy - Small Budget Beauty 
Dionne - Glittery Fingers and Sparkly Toes
Natalie - Over the Topcoat
Kimberly - Kimber's Lacquer Korner
Diana - Nails by Diana
Kristine - Pink and Polished  (**just a note - as of the time of writing this post, over 24-hours has elapsed, and I have not gotten a reply from Kristine**)

I went ahead and did a random draw, and AMY won - I am throwing in this 4-pack as an extra bonus:

All of the packages will be going out in the mail on Wednesday, so hopefully by the weekend you all will have them. 
I wish I could have made this bigger than just here in the US, but this time I needed to keep it simple.  I've got some thoughts about how I can work around that in the future.  Maybe for my 1 year?  Maybe something big for when I graduate next summer?  I'll have some ideas cooking for the next few months. 

Thank you again to everyone who takes the time to read this silly little blog...it is appreciated.  Now, lets take a look to see what everyone else has done with out challenge topic for this week...

See ya!


  1. That is SOOO cool! We all win glitters! Thank you so much, Liz. :) YAY!!!

    As for your stained glass metallic mani, the stamping is perfect. It really strikes the right stained glass note. I must try the Saran Wrap trick. It turned out positively beautiful.

    I say YES to the 1 year giveaway. They are so much fun. And the graduation giveaway is a must-do, too!!!! :)

    Now,I'm off to bed. Got a huge stye in my eye, and it's driving me NUTZ.

    Night, hon!!! :)

  2. I'm so glad everyone won! Who couldn't use a few more glitter polishes?? You can never have too many :)

    I LOVE this mani, Liz! I'm not sure what you don't fancy about it, but both the before and after are gorgeous! I particularly like the way the stamped version looks like a kaleidoscope quilt or something.

    Great work and thanks again for the giveaway...I can't wait to get my set!

  3. Beautiful mani, so colourful!
    Congrats to the winners, you lucky ducks!! :D

  4. So, so pretty! We have a limited range of Kleancolors avail. here and I'm going to keep my eyes open for these!

  5. I don't think you picked up the wrong stamping image! I thought of stained glass immediately, even before reading! Loved the result, the saran wrap base is just perfect!

  6. AWWWWW that is so nice of you to make them all winners! :D You're so sweet!
    And girl, I love the mani; the idea is just genius!
    BTW your new blog is looking hot, love it!

  7. What an awesome thing you did there with the giveaway :)

    Your manicure is gorgeous! I'm loving all the rainbow colors!

  8. Awww Liz that was so sweet of you to make us all winners, thank you! I agree, I think you used the right stamping image, totally looks like stained glass! Beautiful mani :) I also agree they need to team up with a gas mask company, I have 2 of their polishes and the smell is horrible.

  9. Thank you SO much for the giveaway!!!! And for making us all winners! You are too sweet!! Now hurry up and send my prize, LOL!! J/K

    And I don't know what eyes you're looking at your mani with, but this is fabulous!!!! It looks like foil! The colors, polishes, stamping...everything is perfect!!

  10. I think this looks like stained glass.. Looks great.

  11. Wow I think this is just fantastic!!! I really actually love the stamping image that you chose it goes so well! And I did get your message and reply but for some reason I guess the message didn't go through :( I tried messaging again I know I'm probably too late but I tried anyways ;) Beautiful nails lady!! :)

  12. I love this manicure! I find it so original :)

  13. That is such a cool look. I love it.

  14. I love this mani!!!! Stained Glass is one of my fave looks. And yay giveaway winners! How cool that you're sending a 4 pack to all of us that entered! You are awesome!

  15. Love this! they actually look like you used foil or something! came out awesome! and thank you so much for the glitters!! you are seriously so kind!

  16. This looks fab, I love all those colours all smushed together, awesome!

  17. What a colorful and joyous manicure! Love it!
    And congratulations to all the giveaway winners. :)

  18. So awesome!! I think it's perfect! Congrats to all the winners! :D

  19. This is so pretty!

  20. I agree--you got a lovely stained glass look!