Tuesday, August 13, 2013

T.I.O.T. (Try It On Tuesday) - 8/13/2013

I'm squeezing in a quick T.I.O.T. post this week.  The polish this week is by Polish Addict.  I was so excited when I bought this, and somehow it got stashed in a box while I was waiting for another storage rack for my polishes.  I just recently purchased a couple, and in the process of organizing, I came across this in the box.  I had forgotten about this polish - along with more than a few others - but no more!

I ran and checked on Laura's website - which you can find here - and this polish is no longer available <<sad face>>, but I definitely want to show it off.  So, I present to you, Drunken Elephant:


This was 4 coats, no undies.  I probably won't do that again.  There are all sorts of colors of matte glitter:  shards (I love these), mini and micro bars, and big black dots (I am currently obsessed with dots!).  Turn it upside down for a few minutes, and if you are kind of slow painting your nails, give it a little shake a few times...and those big black dots?  Yea, they almost came out better than the smaller glitters!

Try It On Tuesday is a relaxed challenge put together by Gini @ Sassy Paints -  click the link to see the rules for the challenge.  VERY easy, very relaxed, and a great way to show off your untrieds. 

Til tomorrow - Mish Mash day!  Yeah!!

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  1. Girl I'm obsessed with dots too, I just can't get enough! Thanks for joining us! ♥