Saturday, August 10, 2013

NOTD: Saturday 8/10/13

Relatively quick post today - I needed a change from my Mish Mash manicure, and had a craving for something neutral.  I have gotten in the habit of doing an accent nail, and today is no different.

I would say this is unusual for me, but lately, I don't have a usual.  Whatever grabs me, I go with.  It's a little more fun not being predictable, isn't it?


Colors used:
OPI - DS Classic (nude scatter holo)
Kleankolor - Tahiti Sunset (glitter)


The reason I picked the Kleankolor is because my next Mish Mash challenge mani will be using the brand,  Anyone who has used them is probably grateful there isn't anything like smell-o-vision yet.  They stink to high heaven.  I figured this glitter would be like a nose primer for me.  So...I opened the windows, sat right in front of one, counted to 10 and braced myself to open the bottle, and...wait.  What???
This particular glitter from the brand has a smell similar to Seche Vite, which although it is a little strong, doesn't bother me.  Have I been unnecessarily avoiding my Kleankolor polishes because I didn't remember what they really smelled like?  Hmmm, this was a little confusing.  So I grabbed a bottle of one of the colors I will be using for next week and carelessly opened it and took a deep breath - and immediately my eyes started to water from the overwhelmingly chemical smell.  Yep, they stink as bad as I remember, and now I have that smell stuck in my nose.  Great.  I won't be doing THAT again.
Back to the mani...I like this.  Nice and subdued.  Office appropriate - without the glitter, probably - but I don't have an office, so it doesn't much matter.  One of the very nice perks of being a full-time student?  The dress code.  I swear, I think I saw someone walk in with pajama pants one day - no lie.
OK, so maybe not as quick as I thought...till next time!

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