Thursday, October 9, 2014

Crumpet's 52 week challenge - Week #2

Week #2:  Gradient and/or Pink
Week #2 - here we are.  And I'm caught up.  Yes, I was behind already...don't judge me.
This is going to be another quickie post, so shall we?

This week we had the option of choosing either to do either a three-color gradient, a pink only mani, OR combine the two choices into one mani.  I decided to try the combo again this week.

Colors used:
China Glaze Texture- Unrefined (bubblegum pink)
China Glaze Texture- Itty, Bitty, and Gritty (melon/coral)
China Glaze Texture- Bump and Grind (dark pink/reddish)

This one was an iffy one - in theory I thought it might look good, but I wasn't sure about doing a gradient with a sponge and textured polish.  Turns out,  I LOVE THIS!

Not exactly fall-like, but really, who cares??

Well, that's all I've got.  Gotta get my nose back into web design and creating a website for my class project.  It is a LOT harder than I had originally anticipated, but it is pretty fun.  The code behind blogger is getting easier and easier to understand every day.

See you again for the #52WPNMC next week!

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