Monday, December 16, 2013

T.I.O.T. (Try It On Tuesday) - 12/17/2013

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things.  Feels very strange - I'd forgotten how much work goes into getting up a blog post!

So, my "come back" TIOT polish - Celestial "Mother of Dragons".  OH. MY. GOD.   I love! this polish.  I have been in a neutral and/or red phase for almost 2 months now.  Seriously, I have no idea where it came from...I don't have that many reds.  But this polish...<<sigh>>, I have no words.

So, the photos are taken in natural light.  No sunshine here in the big old Midwest, just snow.  And snow.  And, oh yea, guess what, it's f**king SNOWING again!   But I digress.  Sorry about that...

For those who don't have this polish, it is a multi-chrome.  It is magenta, red, and orange, and I am in love.  Color shift isn't as bold as some other polishes out there, but it is definitely noticeable in real life.  I think it may be because all the colors are relatively in the same family...I haven't seen anything else quite like this.

I'm actually pretty happy with how noticeable
the colors are in this photo.
I took some photos of this with a flash, but it distorts the beautiful colors of this so much, I decided to delete them all...well, except this one.  Just to show you the difference:

I cannot say enough good things about this polish...2 coats, flowed on like a dream, and did I tell you it was GORGEOUS?!?

This girl is part of "The Seven Kingdoms" collection from Celestial in collaboration with Color4Nails.   If you need this girl as much as I did, you can find it {here}.  You won't be disappointed.

I'm so glad to be back to this.  See you guys soon!


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