Friday, December 27, 2013

GAME DAY - Blackhawks 12/27/2013

Hawks are back on the ice tonight after a short Christmas break...yeah baby!!!!

Colors used:

Sorry about some of the picture quality, but I forgot to take photos while it was sunny out.  I think my trainer tried to kill me today...we did a "12 days of Christmas" workout today, and I am BEAT!!!  Just getting over bronchitis and a sinus infection (3+ weeks, thank you very much whoever gave them to me), and this was my first real workout in that time.  I pretty much came home and collapsed.

Tried playing with some settings on my phone camera, and didn't work out too well.  Next week on the agenda...brand butt-spanking new camera for me.  And a light tent too!!  Don't look now, but this may start looking professional people.  LOOK OUT!

Fear the Feathers - the men in black and red are back tonight, and I'm going to watch and cheer them on!.

See ya!

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