Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge #22: 3 Colors

Mish Mash Challenge day falls on Christmas this year, so I'm doubling up on Tuesday to get this in.  MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!  The 3 colors fell on a good day...I chose Red, Green and Gold.  My nails on my right hand are finally getting to a length that I feel OK photographing, but they are still short for me.  I hate always having to use my left hand in the photos - it's awkward for me to have to use my right to photograph.

Colors used:

These Studio M glitters just blow me away.  The sparkle on them is amazing!!  The red is a shimmer polish, so I used that as a base, and then I sponged on the glitter.  I didn't think that technique would be difficult, but for such a glitter heavy polish, it was.  

The sponge soaks in the base of the glitter, but if you put too much on the sponge, the base soaks away, and the glitter pretty much goes on your finger in a huge bunch.  Since there is no base to manipulate the glitter, it pretty much stays where you put it.  It is less forgiving than regular sponging...good to know for next time.  Thankfully, I wasn't going for finesse with this manicure, just a gradient of the green and gold.  Didn't exactly achieve it, but the bold sparkle of the glitter against the deep shimmer of the red still has me staring at this in the sunlight.

Feels good to be back to doing the Mish Mash Challenges, even if there are only 8 more left.  I plan on making the most of them.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS or MERRY CHRISTMAS all!  Stay warm and safe.


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