Thursday, November 7, 2013

Personal Rant

Hi everyone...
I posted this comment on my Facebook page, but it is something that really bothers little respect some have for each other in this crazy polish world.  It turned into something bigger than I had originally intended, but I guess I needed to get it off my chest. 
For people that don't know me - and that is most likely everyone reading this blog - I have a very sharp sarcastic tongue.  I contain myself in writing, because people can't see the smirk on my face or the twinkle in my eye from a written word...sometimes the sarcasm is taken as truth.  I can't control how you, the reader, reads my words, so I have to try to control as best I can what I write so that most will "get it".  I know I can't please everyone, so don't ever expect me to try.  It ain't gonna happen. 
I've been under a self-imposed exile recently,because I lost that spark and I didn't find any joy in this.  In this environment where we all can't get along, I allowed all that negativity I was reading to somehow sneak in through my bad, I know.  But after writing the FB post, and now this, I am pretty sure I have purged it all from my system.  The twinkle is coming back to my eye, and I've loosened the self-censorship a bit.  I feel the bite coming back to my tongue.  It's still tingling, so it's not fully charged yet, so I'm gonna give myself another week before I start wading back into the ready folks!!
In case you want to read what I put on my FB page, here it full.  And if you get through and read this whole post, I will be very impressed at your perseverance!! 
"This is just an opinion/commentary, and it's going to be rather long. I'm not looking for confrontation. If you are going to cut and paste snippets of this elsewhere to comment, at least tell me you are doing it.

I started in this polish...obsession...not too long after my mother passed away. I had already lost my father, so I was in a drifting kind of daze to adjust to life without a family.

I'm not an artist, and I don't have unlimited finances, so I somehow wandered into this world. It helped me in a crazy way - doing my own manicures let me focus on something and start getting a new routine for my life, even if it was for a short time. Baby steps... These little bottles of polish started letting me see that there are still pretty things in the world, even when it has been turned completely upside down by events beyond your control.

But lately, this world has gotten pretty ugly - I know anyone who is on FB and gets stories in their newsfeed knows this. Many women feel it's OK to just blast people for - let's face it - things that really are pretty stupid. Like the whole Llarowe issue about the bottle size (I'm not even going to begin to get into the details of that one - it REALLY was stupid).

In a group that I am a member of, someone decided to post what they thought was a PSA about someone asking for help with vet bills, and accused that person of only using the money for polish. The conversation devolved into smearing shit on walls, adoption, and why people shouldn't have children...sadly, I'm not kidding.

I'm all up for a spirited debate, but these are anything but. They are slanderous, hurtful, rude, and most importantly, immature. Hiding behind a keyboard does not give anyone the right to be an ASSHOLE. I can't imagine what you women are like in real life...I do know I don't want to find out. Defending something is different than attacking someone for having a different view. I worked in an environment like this - it's not healthy.

I came into this world when I needed some emotional healing and I was lucky enough to stumble into a group of women that let me have that. Silly me thought the friendships I found in that group were universal in the polish world. Sadly, it is not.

And FYI - I blame those women now for my polish addiction. If they had been like a lot of the people I am encountering now, I would never have gotten caught up in all of this. ;P Just kidding on that last part, ladies from Kimber's Amazing Polish Ladies - you guys are the island in the sea!"
Thanks again for letting me take up your time!!

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  1. WOW! I have been pretty inactive on Facebook and groups as of late so I guess I missed a lot!
    There are some people who are just trolls and are so unhappy with their own miserable existence that they have to make others join them in that dark hole. I hate that there is so much drama in the nail world. It's such a pretty outlet with a terrible dark side. Maybe it's because we are a relatively small group, but I'm glad we have managed to stay free of that nonsense. ♥