Sunday, November 17, 2013

GAME DAY - Blackhawks 11/17/2013

All hell is broke loose here today, and I gotta tell you, it freaked me out a little.  More than a couple tornados were touching down in towns not too far from me today, and one of the potential storm tracks brought that super-cell over my town.  It didn't happen, but I was holding my breath for a couple of hours today.  It got so bad, they evacuated Soldier Field and delayed the Bears game - when was the last time you heard of something like that?  Football plays in anything!  Scary stuff in the middle of November.

Anyway, Blackhawks game day - another back-to-back weekend for them.  I hated to take off my Spotlight Saturday manicure.  I will definitely be wearing that again.

Colors Used:

I decided a simple mani this week - I wanted something that I could put on pretty quick, but would still be a Hawks mani...I think this works.

As of right now, the boys are 1st in their Division, but after the spanking they got last night in Nashville, they dropped to 4th in the league.  But, it's still early in the season.  Wouldn't it just be fantastic if they brought home Lord Stanley again next year?  Hey, a girl can dream...we don't have much else going on sports-wise here in Chicago.  Well, maybe the Bears, but they are middle of the pack in their conference and their regular season ends in 6 games.  But, they're still holding onto a wild card spot by winning today, never know.

That fact aside, these boys hold my heart:  It's like a big, hot puppy pile - the man version...


See ya!

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