Saturday, October 10, 2015


Week 2 of the challenge, and it's a color prompt.  This challenge is a bit unique from other challenges I've done, and it's mostly why I chose to join.  It alternates week by week between nail art and color-specific manicures.  And to prevent a whole lot of the same manicures showing up on the color weeks, there are specific patterns we are assigned that we have to incorporate into the design.  This week, my pattern is waterfall.

Here is the base polish that I used for this mani:  Studio M Totally Teal.

The colors I used for the waterfall portion are:
   Fancy Gloss - Peacock Feathers
   Pahlish - ? (a mystery polish)
   Love, Angeline - A Not So Silent Night
   Love, Angeline - Mystery/Prototype polish
   Cupcake Polish - Down for the Count
   Fancy Gloss - Appletini

So, two things about waterfall manicures:  1) they are INSANELY easy to do, and 2) you really do need nail art brushes.  Ahem.  I don't have any.  Yea.

When did I come to this realization?  About 5 minutes before I started this mani.  I tried to find a bottle of polish that was almost empty so I could cannibalize the brush, and I did find more than one.  I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  So...the next best thing I could think of was a toothpick.  Yep, that would just have to work.

I searched for some brushes and found a lot of places that sell them cheap, but 17-28 days for shipping just doesn't exactly get me excited.  So Bundle Monster to the rescue.  I should have them in  less than a couple of weeks.

Probably will be a good idea to coordinate the rest of the stuff I'll need in the future.

See ya next week!

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