Saturday, August 25, 2018

Well THAT was a long hiatus!

I walked away from blogging almost 3 years ago, but I'm ready to slowly step back into it.  I'm sure all 4 of you are pretty excited about that!

All kidding aside - I started getting into nail polish, and subsequently blogging, because of the death of my mother.  I had lost my father 24 years prior, so my mother was the anchor left in our family.  When she passed, that tie was severed and left me feeling...nothing. Everything.  Alone. Unpurposed. Unfocused.  Lost. 

I had no family of my own and very strained relationships with my siblings.  My perspective changed in the blink of an eye, and I needed something - anything - that would give me a routine.  Something to focus on, even briefly, that was so removed from my usual and familiar existence that it would give me some respite from dealing with the task of reorganizing my life to include no more family.  Well, at least the biological kind. 

And slowly I did that.  And I stopped blogging. But I took a turn somewhere, or more accurately, a lot of wrong turns that have put me somewhere I don't want to be anymore.  I'm working on fixing that.  But I'm not in the same headspace I was 6 years ago when my mother died.  And I'm coming back to blogging not for the distraction; I just miss it.  I still have a LOT of polish that needs to be shared. And purged.  Seriously, if I changed my polish every day, I could go years - yes, YEARS - without wearing the same shade twice. 

But I think I might want to add...more to my blog this time.  Some random posts. Like this one.  Just pieces of reality - my reality - put to paper (so to speak) to calm the inevitable turmoil that builds up.  I'm working on ideas and deciding on a structure for this new incarnation.  Hell, maybe even a name change.  Or just a rebooted 2.0 version.

Lots of choices to make, but I'm kind of excited to make them.  And even through the rain, thunder & lightning that is going on as I write this, I'm smiling. Why? Because I see some clear skies and sunshine in the future. Oh, and some swamp-ass temperatures too.  This is late-August Chicago after all.

See you all soon! 😘

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