Saturday, October 3, 2015


Week #1

I've signed up for a new challenge!  Yay!  This is week one and the theme (as my post title shows) is hobbies.  I don't know why I struggled with this one...I think because I knew my stamper is, well, shit.  I have another one coming in the mail and **hope** it will be here soon.

There were so many I could have chosen, but ultimately decided puzzle books.  In colder weather - like we have suddenly gotten here in Chicago - I like to curl up and either read a book or do these.  Word puzzles and mazes in a book, with a good old No. 7 pencil.  Kinda old school, but when I was growing up these kinds of books were just EVERYWHERE.  Working on them makes me a little nostalgic.

Polishes used in this are:
Wet 'n Wild - Yo Soy
Sinful Colors - Black on Black
I also used a sparkly brown to do some really light sponging to give the beige a little bit of aging.

Stamping Plates are both Bundle Monster:

I did quite a bit of digging through old boxes again - feels like they will never end - and beat and tore up my hands pretty good and broke just about every nail. They need to soak for a couple of hours in something really hydrating.

I'm a bit disappointed with this mani and photos, but I haven't really done any nail art lately, so I am more than a bit rusty.  And my phone is a dinosaur.  Sigh.  It's motivation though to get better!

See you next week!


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    1. Thanks! I was nervous about the placement on that one! Love that plate - it has some fun images.