Sunday, November 30, 2014

NOTD for 11/30/2014: Alchemy Lacquers Allspice

Sunshine has been so scarce here lately, so I had to rush to try to get photos when the sun finally decided to peek through the clouds today.  This beauty is Alchemy Lacquers Allspice.  Oh. My. Gosh!!  I just got this in the mail on Friday, and I just had to put it on.  We've already had snow here three times, and I'm fighting against winter tooth and nail.  For me, this is a perfect fall polish.
Two coats with topcoat
Allspice is just this gorgeous glitter bomb texture polish.  I am a texture fanatic, so this is a perfect polish for me...but I know that isn't the case for everyone.  This polish dries to a fine grit sandpaper finish, and I didn't have any problems with it catching on anything.  But I get it - sometimes you need a smooth-as-glass finish.

Here is Allspice - two coats with no topcoat.  The colors of the glitter seem to meld together this way, but you still have sparkle from the holo.  This is my favorite way to wear these kinds of polishes!

Now, add two coats of topcoat and it changes everything.  The individual colors of glitter are more pronounced, and it just sparkles like freakin' crazy.

I see brown, gold, orange and holo glitters in this one,  It was a little thick when I was putting this on, which you can expect when a polish is so chock full of glitter like this one.  But I am pretty sure that the thickness I experienced was my fault.  

We've had freezing temps here for the past few days, and this baby spent the better part of the day sitting in my mailbox.  I was impatient with letting it warm up, and it was a bit challenging to put on. It's all warm now, and feels much better.

My photos don't do this polish any justice, so don't dismiss this beauty because of that.  She really is gorgeous, and I'm beyond happy I picked this one up!  You can look for this - and all the other beauties - here in Alchemy Lacquers' Etsy shop.



  1. So gorgeous with topcoat! I haven't tried this brand yet but am intrigued.

    1. She has a new collection coming out in January too. I haven't been disappointed yet with anything I've purchased from Alchemy.