Saturday, July 19, 2014

Polish Addict Sea Witch and GIVEAWAY!! reminder

I'm back again, and this time with polish #4.  Over The Top Coat is having a giveaway that I'm participating in, which is why I'm showing these polishes on my blog.  I almost wish that I could enter...there are some nice prizes to be had!

Today's polish is Polish Addict Sea Witch, from the summer NEON collection.  A red-leaning purple jelly, with some sparkly glitter.  Very pretty!

Again, here is the prize that I contributed to the giveaway:

PRIZE IS:  all 8 polishes shown, but in the 7ml mini size.
6 colors from the summer NEON collection, Holo topcoat,
and 80's Baby neon glitter topper.

This is Sea Witch.  It's a bit different than the previous polishes.  If you missed those posts you can find them here for:  "Lime Light" (green), "Barbie Code" (pink), and "Caution" (orange).

So let's just get to it. Polish is 3 coats with no top coat, unless noted.  These photos were taken outdoors; some sun and some shade - the sun was playing peek-a-boo, and it was...interesting...for me to get some photos.  

Let me just tell you - I have acrophobia.  It's not too bad, but it hits me sometimes, which makes going out on my 3rd story balcony sometimes an adventure.  When they replaced the siding on the townhouses where I live, they neglected to re-attach the railings back to the house, and I never noticed.  I like to lean on the can see where I'm going.  I didn't fall, but it did scare the crap out of me.  To get the sun photos today, I had to lean on the railing and have both my swatch hand and camera hand fully extended out over the railing...I was hyperventilating a bit.  I wonder what the golfers on the course were thinking seeing me up there...

Anyway, for the next couple of photos, the polish color on my fingers is closer to actual - the bottle color is way off.  Strange how far off they are.  Because there is a bit of glitter in these, it dries to a bumpy finish, but not a texture-like finish.  Does that make sense?  

These have top coat on the pointer and ring fingers.  

And these are fully top coated. 

The very first photo to open up this post is probably the most color accurate with top coat.  I really like this purple color - I tend to like the redder purples more in the summer.  They are just a bit more vibrant.

I'm halfway through...just a couple more colors and the two toppers.
See you soon!


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