Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Polish Addict Barbie Code and GIVEAWAY!! reminder

Hi all!  I'm back with another polish that is part of my prize package in the awesome giveaway going on at Over The Top Coat.  Go check it out and enter, and while you're there be sure to wish her happy Birthday and blogiversary too!

Polish #2 of the 8 in my prize pack is Polish Addict Barbie Code. Hot Pink. Neon. Glitter.  Yep, I'm loving this one, so let's take a peek...

First off, here is my contribution to the fun.  It is 8 polishes in the mini (7ml) size of the ones pictured.  I haven't received them yet in the mail, but the USPS has them.  The swatches I am showing are from my bottles of the polishes.  I really love these, which I why I decided to have them as my prize.
PRIZE IS:  all 8 polishes shown, but in the 7ml mini size.
6 colors from the summer NEON collection, Holo topcoat,
and 80's Baby neon glitter topper.

I've already shown Lime Light (green), and you can check that out <<HERE>>.

This post is all about pink.  Beautiful, perfect for summer, HOT pink.  Polish Addict Barbie Code.  For the photos, I've used 3 coats of polish.  It dries to a satin matte finish, due to the neon pigment.  With the glitter that is in these, I much prefer to have a high gloss shine, which you'll see.  Oh, and there is VNL...I know that for many that isn't a problem, but for me it is.  I have not worn undies on these so you can all see the polish on its own, but for me, I don't wear these without some white underneath. 

These photos were all taken indoors by my window.  It is cold (for summer) right now - barely 60 degrees outside, and overcast.  No topcoat was used - this is just 3 coats of polish all on its own.

Next, I added topcoat to my pointer and ring fingers.

 And here it is fully topcoated.  I just LOVE this pink!

Keep an eye out for the rest of these.  Till next time!


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