Friday, July 18, 2014

Polish Addict Caution and GIVEAWAY!! reminder

Time for another polish in the prize I contributed to the giveaway going on at Over The Top Coat.  If you haven't entered yet, go!  Hurry up!  There are a lot of prizes up for grabs.

Polish #3 of the group is probably my FAVORITE!  I wanted to show this one last, but I've been wearing it the past couple of days and figured I may as well post some photos.  This is Polish Addict Caution, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Again, here is my prize pack:

PRIZE IS:  all 8 polishes shown, but in the 7ml mini size.
6 colors from the summer NEON collection, Holo topcoat,
and 80's Baby neon glitter topper.

I've already shown "Lime Light" (green) and "Barbie Code" (pink), so let's move on to the best orange - Polish Addict Caution.

For this post, I used 3 coats again, no topcoat unless where noted.  I really wanted to take some sunlight photos, but waiting got to be a little frustrating.  These photos are taken outside, in shade.

Taken with flash.

Taken without flash.

Now, I know I've said in the previous 2 posts that I don't like VNL - and I don't - but for this polish I couldn't care less.

Before I took any more photos, I decided that I would wait to see if the sun would peek out.  So, I waited...

...and I waited some more...

...and still waiting...

...and I finally gave up.  There was barely any breeze, and that cloud just kept getting bigger and bigger without really moving.  After about 20 minutes, I was done.  Sigh, so frustrating.

These photos have a top coat on the pointer and ring fingers.  I think this is the only polish in the bunch that I am happy with either finish - satin matte or glossy.

And now fully top coated...

There are 4 colors in this whole collection (there are actually 10 polishes in the NEON collection) that are my top picks, but this one is my absolute favorite - so much so that I just ordered a backup bottle.  There is a discount going on now, but it ends tonight (Friday 7/18/14) at midnight CDT in case you're interested.

I'll have the next color up tomorrow, so stay tuned!  Till then.


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