Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spotlight Saturday 1/04/14: China Glaze Whirled Away

Morning everyone!  I'm caught up now, thankfully!  This is going to be a very quick post, because I have to get my house ready for the deep freeze that will be the next 72 hours of my life, and start prepping for school starting again Monday.

Glitter polish used is China Glaze's Whirled Away.  I did a search on this, but the few reviews I read were not really kind for this glitter.  I'm glad I read them afterwards - I didn't have any real trouble with this topper, other than the usual fishing of the big white hexes.  You have to use the dab method, since the glitter likes to collect at the end of your fingers if you try to brush-stroke this on.  I don't have a problem having to do this - I have more than a few that need to be put on this way, and it isn't really any more difficult to do.

I like the look over the neon...I think it will look good over any bright, saturated base color.

Both of the following were taken with flash, like I should have done yesterday.  Look how beautifully that base color is glowing!

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!!

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