Saturday, January 4, 2014

*NEW* Front & Center Friday 1/03/14: Spoiled I'm So Jaded

My new weekly post that's taking the place of the now retired "Try It On Tuesday".  Front & Center is a way for me to show and wear my untried non-glitter polishes - I'm going to need to keep a post like this, because I have a LOT of them.  Why on Friday?  Because my Saturday post is for untried glitter polishes, and I always use a base color underneath.  I get to knock out 2 birds this way, and I get to wear the base polish for a day by itself. 

So, this week, I am 1 day off.  Big, HUGE, computer problems.  A virus corrupted the software for my internet access, so I had to get out to someplace with WiFi to get the driver re-installed.  I've relapsed in my sickness, so I had to haul my butt out to shovel before I could go anywhere.  Hell will indeed be freezing over between Sunday night and Thursday morning in the Chicago area, so had to get this done today.  I think it's going to knock back my recovery time.  So much information I'm sure you didn't want to know.  Anyway...

My first "Front & Center" polish:

The polish is Spoiled "I'm So Jaded".  After about 4 days of grey skies and white snow, I needed something bright and un-winter-like.  This polish is a very bright, neon green, with a gold shimmer that just glows.  I really do like this polish.  

It's a little sheer, but you can tell that from the bottle.  3 coats, and it's all good.  I wish I would have thought to take photos of this with a flash to bring out that beautiful shimmer.  You can see hints in these photos, but not like I see it.

Tomorrow this gets a glitter topper, and I swear it makes me think of the 80's.

Onward to the weekend!!


  1. ok, so................ I really need this polish. I'm a sucker for a good green.