Sunday, June 23, 2013

No defibrillator needed...I'm still here!

Just a quick note here while I am doing homework.  The last two weeks have been pretty demanding at school, and at work I am busy training my replacement.  I've had naked nails for almost two weeks now, and I am ready to pull my hair out!!

I've got two quizzes, four programs, one homework assignment, a final that is a group project, and two actual finals to finish up by Wednesday midnight.  Whew!  I'm tired just writing it!  I should be back to myself by the end of the week.  <<looking longingly at my nail polish stash>>

I'll be back with the ABC Challenge for "Y", and then I will start working on putting together all the fantastic suggestions for our next challenge!  YAY!!!

Nite all!


  1. Wow...i would be stressed out! I hope everything works out nicely. See you on Wednesday :)

  2. Keep your chin up girl. Hope all goes well. - J

  3. Keep your chin up girl! Hope all goes well - J

  4. You must be exhausted, girlfriend!

    That polish stash is looking Right Back Atcha. They'll wait. :)