Monday, June 10, 2013

A Wedding Day big fat fail!

Hello all - a rare non-challenge post for me.  I can't sleep, so I figured I may as well do SOMETHING. 

One of my favorite indie brands, KraftyGurl, has this gorgeous polish called Wedding Day.  Soft and pale pink, blue & green (or are they yellow?) glitters with some whites and holos thrown in the mix - LOVE IT.  I had envisioned a pretty manicure with this beauty, but there was a disconnect somewhere between my mind and my fingers.

Wedding Day - the glitter does settle a little bit, but turn her over for a minute or two, and your brush gets so loaded, you won't know what to do with it all.  Most fingers were one coat of glitter:

These are the colors I used:
Pure Ice - Bikini
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On
Pure Ice - Love
KraftyGurl - Wedding Day

I envisioned a water-color-like background with the glitter topper.  The problem?  The polish colors came out darker than I had imagined, and the glitter was lighter.  I think I was picturing the colors if I had sponged them, but what I did was use one of the Saran Wrap methods.  I base coated in white, and put dots of the colors, and some more white, on my nails and took a piece of Saran Wrap and just kind of smooshed it around.  FYI - It can get pretty messy.

And here is the finished manicure.  Not awful, but it just doesn't do Wedding Day any justice.  I am wearing my sad face...  :(.  I am going to think a little and figure out what may be a good undie for this girl, and I'll be trying again.

You can find KraftyGurl on etsy <<here>>.  Price is GREAT, and she ships lightning fast. Oh, and the glitters are BEAUTIFUL, can't forget that!  I have more than a few of them.
That's all I've got for now - Nite all!


  1. Beautiful! So soft and pretty! I like it a lot!
    Nite nite!

  2. I like this ALOT. No fail from this lacquerholic's perspective. Lovely job!