Saturday, April 6, 2013

Great blog find and Autism Awareness Mani #1

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This is my first non-challenge blog post, and it will be a relatively short one.  I should be house cleaning, but that is just no fun.  I was doing some indie brand searches - alright, lets just face it, I was shopping - and through random searches and links, I came across a blog - xoxo, Jen - that floored me.  I haven't looked at any of her posts yet, that's coming next.  So, what floored me, you ask?  She has a listing of Indie polish brands, with links to sites, that total over 375!

Obviously, I have not checked out the links yet, and who knows if some of them are still in business, but the time it took to put all that together? Amazing!  Link to her website HERE...  I plan on using it myself.

Since April is Autism Awareness month, I am jumping in and doing at lease one blue manicure each week.  This is the first.  I wanted to start off with a lighter blue, but what I got was eye-popping.  This polish, irl, has got a micro shimmer in it that looks to be greenish, but what it does is make this aqua blue just completely glow.  It is so bright!  I'm not usually a blue-wearer, so wearing blue this month is a big deal.  I wanted to start off with a penlight, and ended up with a spotlight instead.

Both polishes are from Studio M - big box brand for a chain here in the midwest.  The aqua blue is called "Total WOW", and the glitter is "Sexy Siren"  You'd think they were made for each other.

This blue is just beautiful.  It was a little sheer, so I did 3 coats, but application was good. Hardly had to do any clean up afterwards.  Cuticles definitely need some work though - sorry.

Hope you enjoyed the extra post this week, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!  It really is FINALLY starting to feel like spring around here in Chicago - yea!



  1. Very pretty! Those are beautiful shades of blue :)

  2. I have a list of indies compiled too, I just need to get it finalized and published. I keep putting it off since I am so behind and have a hard enough time keeping up with the blogging, reviewing and commenting as it is. LOL

    This is a gorgeous polish though, they both are! I'm enjoying the weather too, It won't last long over here, it's going to start raining tomorrow night for a week. Booo!

  3. Yes, they do look made for each other. This is my favorite shade of blue! Beauteous polishes!

    I can't get over that link you put up there. Wow. That's one heckuva indie collection. The woman deserves a medal!

  4. Holy cow! For the blues and for that indie list...crazy! Thanks for sharing it! I think spring has left again though...wish it would stick around already!