Sunday, April 14, 2013

ABC Challenge - "N" is for Nicole by OPI

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Hello everyone...only 4 days late on the post.  No inspiration this week - work has me beyond aggravated, and when I finally got home each night, I had no energy or will to polish.  It's unthinkable, isn't it??  Finally, I am ALMOST caught up, so I feel like I have some breathing room, and my creativity is coming back.  I was a little nervous there...crazy as it is to some, doing my manicure is soothing and fun to me.  I figure if you are reading this, you feel the same way.

Soooo... N. Had no idea what to do.  Neon came to mind - too quickly - and I figured it would be an obvious choice this week.  That made it a pass.  I assumed (rightly so, seeing the posts up already) that others would do it much better than me.  So, here is my contribution this week for N:

This feels a little like Barbie goes Goth...The pink dries matte, which I why I bought it.  There is a shimmer in there that gives it a little 'something' that I can't really describe.  The black has a shiny glass flecked finish to it.  I like the combo - and the scrapbooking scissors design when I taped it off gives it just a little bit of an edgy look.

What didn't I like?  A couple of things.

1) I can't topcoat this sucker.  I did put an extra matte top coat on the pink first before taping off for the black (it did not change the finish - polish looked pretty much the same with and without it), but the black is kind of left on it's own.   This is one day - a rough day, albeit - but only 1 day.  Already seeing tip wear.  

2) The formula on these sucked.  I swear half the bottle stuck on the brush.  It was thick and goopy.  Both applied very streaky, and felt like it dried on the brush as I was polishing.  I could deal with it with the pink, since I was polishing the whole nail, but the black - had to do 2 coats to get full cover.  Not ideal when you have tape to remove.  I had to make the second coat pretty thick, so it would soften up the first enough for me to pull of the tape relatively cleanly.  Because of this, it took FOREVER to dry.  Definitely need to introduce both to some thinner before I use again.

Colors used:  Nicole by OPI  "Still Into Pink" and "Totally in the Dark"

Now I have to get ideas going for "O".  What to do, what to do....Until next week.
As usual, a shout out to Kimber @ Kimber's Lacquer Korner for starting us off.  We have a new person joining the group, so it goes to show you - it's never too late.  Go on over to Kimber's page, click on ABC Challenge tab, and find out how to join.
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  1. I love this look! Such a great job, even with your sucky polishes ;)

  2. I think that new person is me, hello!
    I love the contrast between the bright matte pink and the dark shiny black-it looks awesome! Shame the polishes were hard work though =(

  3. Barbie Goes Goth. LOL. Hey, it turned out fabulous!!!!

    I can't stand the Gloopy Bottle of Polish routine. Especially when doing nail art. Yikes. Sorry 'bout that sweetie pie. Sux.

    I've not a clue what I'm doing for "O" either. Oy.

    Happy last day of the weekend!

  4. Oh yes, I want to use scrapbook scissors to do a funky french several months ago.. the scissors I have the designs are way too big for my nails to go across, so I was planning on searching for a smaller design, but going vertical works too!! Awesome!

  5. Too bad the formula sucks, that NOPI looks so pretty with the matte finish!

  6. ROFL!!!! I can not begin to tell you how much I love the "Barbie goes goth"!! And I love your design. I bought some scrapbook scissors but haven't used them yet, now I can't wait to try.

  7. lol I had the same idea as soon as I saw this mani, Bad-ass Barbie lol! XD Love it :)