Sunday, April 21, 2013

Autism Awareness Mani #3

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Been a little under the weather, so I'm a little late posting this week (I like to post these on Friday's).  Here is my 3rd blue Autism Awareness manicure, and I chose another pair of drugstore brand polishes that I found.  I LOVE the combination of these two - the glitter topper is unusual for this brand, so I snagged up the only bottle of this I have ever seen at any Walgreens.  And let me tell you, I can easily find about 20 of them within a 5-mile radius of my work and home.  Add to that, my work is about 40 miles from my home, and you could probably add another 10 that I pass on the way...we have a LOT of Walgreens in the area.

Neptune is a denim blue, with a really nice silver shimmer to it (the bottom picture is more true to color, not the lighter periwinkle-leaning top photo).  This would have been beautiful on it's own...

...but I needed some bling.  I am not sure what color those bars actually are. They change from aqua to gold to pink and even green, all mixed up with dark purple-blue micro glitter.  And FYI - I did not experience any curling with this bar glitter, but they are pretty small pieces.

We FINALLY get some sunshine in the area, and I get laid out by the nasty flu bug that is going around.  The only good thing is that it was a little chilly - we traded 60-70 degree rainy weather for 40-50 degree sunshine.  I'll take it; I can at least still see the sun out the windows!  I'd almost forgotten what it looked like.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you've got Walgreens like I've got Rite Aids and CVSs. :) One of my routes home from work has three RAs in the first five miles ithen there is a Wags, just to mix things up).