Sunday, November 9, 2014

AIS - Adventures in Stamping November 2nd Challenge

NOVEMBER 9, 2014

Another stamping challenge from the AIS group.  I have a Cheeky plate I've been wanting to play with, and this week was perfect!  I took some liberty with the colors underneath the animal print because I've been wanting to use the collection, but who needs realistic?
Colors used:
Gothic Gala - SteamPunk Collection (color names are noted)

Plate used:

I did a random sponge on all five fingers of all 6 colors in the collection.  These polishes are usually a matte finish, but since I stamped I had to top coat.  That's not holo you see in there; the sparkle on these polishes came alive with a top coat, and it peeks through in some of the photos.  

I'm getting better with the top coating, but I'll be damned if I still didn't smudge some of the stamps again.  

I'm already planning on using these polishes again - they are absolutely gorgeous!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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