Tuesday, July 16, 2013

T.I.O.T. (Try It On Tuesday) - 7/16/2013

Hey everyone -

Not like I'm not crushed for time already, so hey, let's get in on another challenge!!  OK, so I don't think I can really call this a "challenge"...it's more of a "motivation".

Gini @ SassyPaints is hosting her "Try It On Tuesday", and has it open to anyone who wants in.  The details for this are **here**.  Basically, it is a way to get through your untried polishes.  No themes, no color schemes..no rules, EXCEPT it has to be an untried.  Simple, yes?   I don't even KNOW how many untrieds I have in my stash, so this is perfect for me to get through them.   How am I doing it?  Close my eyes, reach and wear.

For my first T.I.O.T. mani, I picked a glitter topper.  The base I used on this is also an untried, so I have a twofer this week.  I actually did this late Sunday (well, technically, early Monday), and it is just starting to grow on me.  I took off a neon, multi-color manicure, and, well this was a bit of a shocking change.  Today?  I love it!

Let me just note - photos were taken in my car, in the parking lot when I got to work.  Absolutely no time since Monday morning to take pics.  The sun was out, so...there you go.

Polishes used:
Krafty Gurl - Strawberries & Champagne
NYX - Mute


Krafty Gurl's Strawberries & Champagne has gold, pale pink, and strawberry colored glitters, as well as some **WOW** holographic ones.  This is such a pretty topper.

NYX's Mute I thought was a good match - it is a gold tinted nude color, with a pretty bold multi-colored shimmer to it.

Almost mannequin fingers, I know, but damn!  I love Strawberries & Champagne.

Maybe, someday, I will have a real camera....sigh.  I'm telling you, I am too old to be a broke college student!!

That's it for me tonight, but if all goes as planned, I am going to have 2 more posts this week.  This may look like a real blog soon!



  1. LOL re: real blog. You're doing great, you manic superstar, you! ;)

    Hey, GORGEOUS glitter gradient, and what are you talking about re: pix? They look great. You conveyed a beautiful picture message.

    You know, for awhile I was thinking about buying a "good" camera. Screw that chit. Turns out, the real "good" cameras, I can't afford (not if I'm to continue paying my kids' student loans), they're too damn heavy for me to hold (while shooting my other hand), and the crappy little Panasonic point and shoot I'm using is as good as it's gonna get. In fact, some days, I just use my Iphone camera.

    Have a great day, darlin'!

  2. What an interesting glitter!