Thursday, July 4, 2013

ABC Challenge - "Y" is for Ya Freak!

Last catch-up post!  Yay!!  So relieved.

Last couple posts detailed state of my hands....yadda yadda.  Long story short - they are in bad shape.  You will see cuticle oil in the photos.  Bad, bad blogger, I know. 

Here we go to "Y" - short and sweet.

Color used:
Jindie Nails - Ya Freak!  (I think it is discontinued...I don't see it on the website)

Purple, white, black and holographic glitter? LOVE IT!  I do just want to say - I really hate these mini bottles.  Does anyone else have issues with these?  I wish I had bought this full size, but it was back when I was first buying indie polishes, and didn't know better.

And, I'm done.  Caught up...FINALLY.

See you for my "Z" post - and I can link that one. 


1 comment:

  1. Not a fan of glitter sandwiches but your nails don't look in bad shape to me!