Saturday, May 25, 2013

ABC Challenge - "T" is for Theoretical Collection

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Hello all!  I had another manicure in mind for "T", but I FINALLY got my hands on these polishes, and the plans went out the window.  I. LOVE! THESE.  I am not really a huge fan of the big chunky glitter (but Different Dimensions Echoes collection has me smitten).   So when I first saw these, I had to have.  It took a while, however.  As you all know, trying to buy indie polishes during a restock is like those bridal dress sales.  If these polish sales happened in real life and not a virtual one, there would be a lot of broken bones and bloodied noses, let me tell you!  And I would feel really bad for causing all that damage (KIDDING!! Well...maybe not as much as I should be).

Yes, I am aware of the dry cuticles (house cleaning), and broken nail.  I had 5 nails break in the last week, so what is still attached to my hand is staying there, even if they don't all match up.

Not season appropriate?  Well, maybe where you live they aren't, but here in good old Chicago, our weather took over a 40 degree hit in 2 days.  It is currently 48 degrees outside while I am writing this, and it feels like early Spring. In 3 days, the forecast is for mid- to upper- 80's.  For crying out loud, I had summer dresses on last week, and now I am scrambling to find the few winter clothes I haven't put away yet, only to pull out the summer dresses again in a couple of days.  I'm surprised I haven't gotten sick yet.  But I digress...

Here are the polishes - Vivid Lacquer / The Theoretical Collection.

Theoretical Blogger - purple (thumb)
Theoretical Vegan - green (pointer)
Theoretical Rockstar - grey (middle)
Theoretical Girlfriend - pink (ring)
Theoretical Gamer - blue (pinky)

There is a 6th color, an add-on to the collection, that I couldn't wear.  Where is that sixth finger when you need it??  Theoretical Rainbow - white with multi glitter.

There are varying degrees of glitter saturation in these polishes, but that may just be because of the particular batch pour.  Also, these are sheer.  The blue was by far the most opaque, only needing 3 coats for full coverage (I was a rebel and wore no undies.  That always makes me giggle).  The others are at 4 coats in the photo, and I still have VNL in real life that is worse than in the photos.  So, the lesson is not to go out without your undies. 
Application, as with all sheer polishes, was patchy at first, but evened out quickly.  And although these seemed a little "thin" in the bottle, there was no pooling.  They were definitely worth the wait to get them.
You can see the glitter density differences on these.

So, another week bites the dust, and we are on to the letter "U".  Thank you, as always, Kimber from Kimber's Lacquer Korner.  Since we are coming to a close with this challenge, there are rumblings about what the next challenge will be.  If you want to get in on the action, just follow the link to Kimber's page, find the ABC Challenge tab, and shoot her an e-mail requesting to join.  It's just that easy.

I'm late to the there are a lot of posts before me.  Take a look at all the lovey ladies' submissions below.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend all the US participants!  Stay dry, stay safe and stay warm.  Sober is optional.



  1. Ok, now I'm going to giggle every time I wear a shear with no undies! I love these polishes, so, so pretty!

  2. Super pretty! I really like the white/greeny coloured on on your index finger, it's lovely =)

  3. I like them all but the blue is my fave!

  4. LOLOLOL. Love. Love. Love the post. And the mani! And the polishes.

    Score. :)

  5. Lol!!!! Love all those polishes you splurged on!!! Nice choices!
    You could use that Theoretical Rainbow for V challenge! You know, Vivid Lacquer :)

    1. LOL! I already have 2 thoughts for "V". I couldn't decide, so I texted a friend (again, I did it for "U") and she decided it already for me already.

  6. They are super nice but green is my favourite one. :) And the bottles are super cute, I love that kitten on the label!

  7. I love milky glitters. I think they are season appropriate! I always wear my undies! :D