Sunday, May 19, 2013

ABC Challenge - "S" is for Sponging and Saran Wrap

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I am getting back to my old schedule - it's rough, but I'm only 5 days late this week! That is a BIG accomplishment for me.  So, last week I posted something I was not really crazy about, and more than a couple comments told me that it looked more like a fall color than something appropriate for this time of year...I couldn't agree more.  So, my contribution this week is definitely more season appropriate.

Here in Chicago we kind of skip over spring - it's turned into a season that if you blink, you miss it.  It's been in the 80's, and I've broken out the summer dresses.  My inspiration this week is from one of those dresses.  These are my colors used:

China Glaze: Kiwi Cool-Ada (yes, I broke my boycott.  I have no other green like it. Don't judge me).
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear:  White On.
Misa:  A Sin Worth Committing (love the name...).

I have no idea why I don't have more Misa colors - this blue was AMAZING!  And the website I buy some of my polishes from sells them at a great price.   I hated to saran-wrap it will definitely be used again.
Here's my inspiration:

The photo on the right shows a close up of the section that got me doing this mani.
So, your just dying to see what I did, aren't you?  The anticipation is palpable...I know, just post the damn pictures, right?

I sponged the green, and saran wrapped the blue.  Not so happy with the sponging ( I got too heavy handed with it), but the saran wrap effect looks pretty cool.  A full manicure with that method will be coming up soon I think.  I liked the fact that I could be messy with this one - not worry about any straight lines, etc.  It's still a little weird seeing my fingers in my peripheral vision.  The neon green is BRIGHT, and it catches my eye every time.

(sorry- didn't notice photo was so washed out)

We are coming up on the home stretch of the, this is going fast!  I was in such a hurry last week I didn't post my usual thanks to Kimber at Kimber's Lacquer Korner for starting this whole thing off.  Take a peek at her blog, she posts some awesome indie polishes on there. And if you still want to join in on this challenge or get involved in any future one, she has an ABC Challenge tab - click it for info to join.
Another letter down, and now I'm off to do my homework!  See you all next week, but before you go, check out all the lovely ladies who are still in this to the finish line.


  1. I love this one! And I so envy you for already pulling out your summer dresses. Here weather keeps changing every day and I don't know what to wear any longer.
    And btw, I love Misa's. They have great names, great colours, and do apply easily. I wish I owned more, too!

    1. You don't hear much about the brand Misa - they are a really nice affordable surprise to me. I might have to try to work some into one of the last letters of the alphabet somehow.

  2. Your nails do look like your dress! Aaahh relaxing in a summer dress, sounds nice!

    1. I WISH it was relaxing! The office at work is averaging about 85 degrees (already). Thankfully, we have very little to no customer interaction, and I can get away with summer dresses with a light sweater for work. Sitting in those kind of temps with no air circulation other than a small desk fan is draining - I would so much prefer to be outside.

  3. I love this!! And the dress!! I'm so sad the challenge is almost over :(

  4. Lovely color combination and I love your dress :))