Monday, February 25, 2013

ABC Challenge - "H" is for Holographic

This is going to be semi-short and sweet.  I had a lot of different ideas come to me for H, but once I started each one, I discarded.  The Color Club Halo Hues were calling to me...  Black base on all fingers, and each finger has a diagonal tip of color.  OK, "tip" may not be the right word, but you'll get the idea from the photos :).

I took the indoor night pictures because I love the way the holos look with the flash.  Still not a good camera...I may end up going through this whole challenge without one.  This is still just a fun little hobby for me, so a new camera unfortunately is not on the financial radar anytime soon (sigh).

Now for the daylight photos:

Here are the colors I used, and let me tell you there is not one color that I don't LOVE:

The original 6 Halo Hues are (in order of the photo):
     Angel Kiss:  minty green
     Halo-Graphic:  pink
     Harp On It:  silver  (this is the only color I did NOT use - ran out of fingers)
     Blue Heaven:  light blue
     Cherubic:  nude/beige
     Cloud Nine:  lilac purple

The new 6 darker Halo Hues are (in order of the photo):
     Over the Moon:  blue
     Miss Bliss:  pink
     Kismet:  lime green
     Cosmic Fate:  orange
     Eternal Beauty:  dark purple
     Beyond:  Black  (far and away my FAVORITE)

Again, many thanks to Kimber at Kimber's Lacquer Korner for hosting this weekly challenge.  It is open to anyone - professional or novice (I can attest to that!).  If you would like to join, shoot her a request under the "ABC Challenge" tab on her blog.  And FYI - any attempts to just add your blog to the challenge WILL get you booted off the inlinkz group.  There are eyes watching, and the gatekeeper knows....muah ha ha ha!!!!!

Here are the other ladies participating...take a look at their great submissions for the letter "H".
Until next week!


  1. I soo love what you did! Ughh that looks amazing. I hope the new Halo Hues will also be available in the Netherlands soon. I need them in my life right now lol

  2. I love this! makes me so glad I have this set!

  3. LOL. Yup, great minds and The Letter H. You did a super job, and gotta tell you....the flash you used worked perfectly. Never occurred to me to power up the flash. I'm going to give it a shot next time.


  4. Really neat effect! I love the biased design!

  5. I love this! I used holographic polish too, but I stamped mine. I am gonna give this look a try!

  6. I'm a sucker for holo polishes, so as you can easily imagine... I'm in love with your manicure!

  7. I love, love holo polishes!! I wish someone sold Color Club near me. I love your design too!!

  8. LOL!!! Yes the gatekeeper knows!! Hahahaha...
    I'm in love with your mani! It looks like so much fun with all those colors! :D

  9. Holo orgy!! They do look amazing with flash ^^ And your mani was SO fun!

  10. I have GOT to get these! They're so pretty! Thanks for sharing, I love the diagonal :)

  11. I wanted to use my holos for this challenge, but the sun wasn't cooperating so I opted out of that idea. I love the contrast you did! Great mani!

    1. Yea, sun has been very scarce lately. I got a little lazy with the creativity this week, I'll admit. But holos are a fantastic fallback.

  12. H is for holos in my heart, too! Unfortunately I have to add myself to those sun is not cooperating with. We've had a very cloudy winter this year, it sucks. I can't wait for summer.
    I love your diagonal mani with the darkest colours as a base!

  13. Man, I really need to get these. I've been holding off since I'm behind on swatching and wouldnt get to wear them for a long time, but I think I have to have these. Great idea with the black base and diagonal splash of color!

  14. Great job!! I love how they change in the daylight!!

  15. That's a lot of holographic awesomeness right there! Good job :)